5 Misconceptions You Have To Know About Black Widow Spider

Black widow spiders live in many warm regions of the world. The first you need to know that these spiders prefer the human neighborhood. They love dark, sheltered basements or sheds. This type of spiders weave the irregularly shaped net under the floorboards, in the piles of rubbish, and even across the toilet. They lead a solitary life and are active at night. A black widow habitat can be found in dwellings, for example, on the lower side of the chair, where the spider sits motionless upside down.

Representatives of this type are found almost everywhere where climatic conditions are rather mild. They are widely distributed in the countries of East and South Asia, America and North Africa. Some of them are found in Australia and Oceania. In the northern areas, can live only a few species but they are not so dangerous.

How Does A Black Widow Spider Look Like?

Black widow is the most dangerous spider on the planet. His poison can even kill an adult. Its body is up to three centimeters (with paws). Females are visually smaller than males. Their body is black and glossy. On the stomach, there is a red spot in the form of a sand clock.

Some female can grow to 20 mm, while male specimens barely reach up to 7 mm. It is not surprising that a female after successful sexual intercourse without regrets absorbs a male as a spent material.

How Does A Black Widow Bite?

A barely noticeable red dot from the bite will trigger a chain reaction throughout the body: after a quarter of an hour, burning pain will cover the whole body (especially in the chest, abdomen and lower back). Later there is swelling and nausea. A person begins to choke. The venom of the black widow contains substances that paralyze the victim. The poison acts more strongly on small animals. They do not feel their bodies, so they seem dead. The death occurs within forty-eight hours after the bite. When the first symptoms appear, call a doctor right away. In no case do not give up treatment.

Are Black Widow Spiders Deadly?

At the end of the first symptoms, the patient becomes sluggish but behaves restlessly. Strong pains do not allow falling asleep. Symptoms usually last a day or two, in severe cases, much longer. Usually, the less time between the bite of a spider black widow and the manifestation of the first symptoms – the harder the consequences. Complete recovery from a bite occurs after 2-3 weeks, but the general weakness lasts more than a month. In severe cases, if you do not provide medical care, death after the bite occurs in 1-2 days.

This spider is very dangerous. The black widow deserved the glory of the murderers, but the number of people who were killed by her poison is small. But even this small number of black widow murders make us be afraid.