7 Fun Facts About Credit Cards Most People Don’t Know

Nowadays, credit cards have become very popular. People use them more often than cash. Almost every modern people have a credit card. A person prefers cards because first of all this is very easy to get. Secondly, this is more convenient then to carry cash. Thirdly, this is very simple in use and you can pay by card anywhere. Here https://creditnervana are some credit card facts about which you have not even guessed.

What Are The Most Interesting Facts About Credit Cards?

Edward Bellamy was a very famous penman of his time. He predicted in one of his works the invention of the credit card. He wrote that people will have special cards with the help of which they will pay. His prediction has come true.

Very interesting thing is that the first cards were invented for travelers. Nowadays these cards are famous like Eurocard International.

In Paris in 2007 people had the opportunity to see the silver card designed with 333 diamonds. This exhibition called Cartes and IDentification.

Why do you think credit cards have the expiration dates? It because of the magnetic strip. Over time, the magnetic stripe erases. When it is completely erased you cannot pay this card anymore.

Credit cards are so beneficial to the banks because they bring more profit than a large loan. It happens because almost every person in our modern world has a credit card. But not everyone has a loan in the bank.

The statistics show that men have most debts then women. It does not concern only credit cards. They have also large loans. For the banks, this is very beneficial. A person should pay every month a certain sum of money but if he does not do it then the bank charges the interests for the next month.

Walter Cavanagh has become very popular because of his collection of the cards. He gathered 1497 cards. This man had been starting to collect them from 1960.

There are also other facts about credit cards but these are the funniest and interesting. Moreover, you should know that people use credit cards very often. The fact is that every second are carried out 10 thousand transactions.

When Did The First Card Appear?

The first credit cards appeared in 1950. They were very primitive and not practical because they were made with paper. People could use them only in expensive restaurants. The maximum limit was 300 dollars. After 1952 it was allowed to pay by cards not only in the restaurant but also in hotels, flowers shops, and car rental agency.

The first plastic card appeared in 1958. Besides, American Express created also a card that was made with anodized titanium. This card was very exclusive.

As you can see there are a lot of fun facts about credit cards you need to know. Today, such cards are very necessary for everyday life. So if you have not the a card then go to the bank and get it.