Boosting Mental Health | Daily Techniques

It should be said that mental health is more than physical health. If a person is mentally healthy, she or he also looks physically well (Pielsana can tell you lots of useful information, which can help you to stay young and fresh for a long time). In this article you’ll read about the importance of mental health awareness, mental health care, and why you need to take care of yourself. So, let’s start.

You have seen Stephen Hawking with a complete damaged body who still with mind achieved more than many people who had 6 packs, and muscular bodies. We don’t pay enough attention to mental issues and mental health as it should be. Traces have shown that one can live without legs, hands, and even overall body but he/she cannot live with mental health disorders and emotional instability. You need to take measures!

Moreover, many of us don’t even know the proper definition of mental health and the importance of being mentally fit and stable. All we know is if a person is able to perform his/her duties and daily tasks without interruption and help from others, then he/she is mentally healthy. But what about those, who keep on properly doing their daily tasks, but remain emotionally disturbed? When they come back, lay on their beds, and turn off the night lights, they remain sleepless for hours and feel fatigued for the next upcoming hours. 

We need to understand that the brain is not a just sensory organ that makes our body work and responds properly. In fact, it is a powerhouse of the human body that keeps people energized during days and calms them at nights, if it is not disturbed. But:

What is the basic mental health definition, or how we can claim a person to be mentally healthy?

Mental health is nothing but just understating your potential and not harming yourself with self-criticism. A person who knows his/her worth (in a positive way), is mentally healthy and prone to be more intelligent and dynamic than those struggling with emotional distress. If you are healthy from the brain, you will be able to cope up with stress, relationship problems, life setbacks, and overall hardships with great admiration. This is your inner conscious that keeps on influencing your routine, feelings, and behaviors. Your mental health can influence your daily routine, energy levels, food taste, and the workability. Hence, inner conscious needs to be strong and positive!

One noticeable thing is that we cannot claim mental health to be the same for everyone, because there are more sensitive and less sensitive people. Studies in history have shown that where people who were more sensitive seem weaker, still took better decisions and lead a better life than those who used to be less sensitive and seemed stronger.

“Being sensitive or touchy is not a problem as long as it doesn’t lead you to forever dismay and hatred”.

It is a common thing to feel sad after a breakup, it is a natural thing to cry after a heartache, it is okay to feel stressed about work and promotion but do not ever let these sad feelings spoil your personality. If you are suffering from mental disturbance, then a slight change of humdrum and look over the things with a different perspective can help you a lot. So, how to boost mental health?

Daily Techniques for Boosting your Mental Health:

1. Love Yourself:

It is often quoted that the person you see in the mirror deserves your love and affection more than any other person in the world because it is only you and you who are going to remain there for you, forever. Hence, you need to love yourself, understand your worth and give value to your personality. Do work but also spare time for the activities that give you pleasure! Leave those people and relations behind that gives you nothing but stress. Treat yourself better and ask others to treat you properly!

2. Avoid Self-Criticism:

People with sensitive hearts value others’ feelings more than their own. Hence, if anything wrong happens, they start to accuse themselves of the mishap. This is wrong! Self-criticism will lead you to nothing but self-harm. Hence, you need to stop these negative voices in your head and make them abandon your personality. Take help from exercise, hanging out with friends and keeping yourself busy in the positive activities.

3. Eat Properly:

As was earlier mentioned, your mental health can even affect your eating habits and tastes, hence, do not lead the mental distress to eat you junk stuff and make you look physically improper. Why? Because it can even lead you to hate yourself when you will be out of shape. It does not mean that chubby people are not beautiful. It is about those emotional requirements which need to keep stable by looking beautiful. Hence take regular, proper and nutritious meals.

4. Talk:

Stop the voices in your head and stay positive! You need to talk to those who care. Hence, it is better that you keep your presence at the get-to-gathers and talk to people with similar interest. Grabbing a helping hand is not wrong, hence, surround yourself with friends and people with positive energy. However, don’t make yourself completely dependent on those helping hands, because you cannot claim everything and every person to be same forever. Hence, talk but remain emotionally dependent just upon yourself.

5. Avoid Addictions:

Lastly, you are required to avoid addictions either of drugs or people. Do not depend too much on things like using alcohols, smoking, and taking drugs that create numbness. Such things can make you feel better for just some hours but their destructions intensity is far more severe. You must not depend upon sleeping pills, in fact, try to follow the regular and natural sleeping pattern. You can listen to good music or read a book to make your mind calmed enough to sleep.


These are some very basic but life-changing techniques to help you feel better about yourself and be mentally healthy. In the beginning, you may find some of the steps difficult to follow with, but if you will keep on following with strong self-esteem, you will start seeing the difference within some days. Start a walk on a journey where life is beautiful!