How Do Satellite Phones Work?

When the first mobile telephones were introduced a few decades ago they were “humungous” compared to the smartphones we have now. They were the size of a brick and were quite heavy to carry around but it still was a status symbol which many preferred to flaunt it around. These mobile telephones (learn about the prepaid sat phone here )though they were huge had only one feature and that was calling someone or receiving calls from anywhere.

Similar to its counterpart satellite phones also have gone a process of metamorphosis and shed its huge size and are quite elegant to carry and easy to use with many other features added on too

Getting Yourself A Satellite Telephone

Today mobile telephone towers, which are what relays signals to our mobile phones, are ubiquitous and you would think that a satellite telephone might not be a necessity in the present context. But if you are a go-getter who would always be on the move then you may not know when the unforeseen would happen. Your mobile phone may not be receiving signals from any of those ubiquitous which you had taken for granted and would be left to fend your way from some godforsaken location.

On the contrary, you could be in the Arabian Desert on a safari, or even in Texas or elsewhere where you could be cut off from the closest civilization hundreds of kilometers away. That would be the time that you would be regretting that why you were not using a satellite phone. But a question would arise in your mind: “do satellite phones work everywhere?” The answer would be simple. Yes!

Satellite phones would work anywhere on the face of the Earth and that is what makes it a satellite phone and the reason that everyone is craving for one. Communication is what has brought this world together and we boast of globalization, which has been the most spoken of the subject in the recent past. The pinnacle of globalization could be the satellite phone which is a different kettle of fish to every other form of communication that we would talk about at every forum.

Before you would get yourself a satellite phone, it would be prudent to apprise yourself as to, “how do satellite phones work?”

Once you have a nonprofessional’s knowledge of a satellite phone’s work, you would be better served to find the appropriate satellite telephone, which would fit into your profile, lifestyle, and needs. It is not prudence on your part to purchase a satellite phone which would be just like a square pin in your round hole, and not fit your specific requirements. It is for this reason that you would need to get your satellite phone from a reputed and reliable satellite telephone manufacturer and supplier so that you would not encounter any problems.

The Simple Technology Behind A Satellite Phone

The big question that would be bugging you before you would decide on a satellite telephone would be to know in detail as to how sat phones work. Basically, a satellite phone would even work in the North and South Poles, which really tells you of its versatility. There are many suppliers of satellite phones and also ample providers of satellite coverage anywhere in the world. Now that would be fantastic news for anyone, especially the soldiers in the military, hiking and trekking enthusiasts, sea farers, adventurers and all those who would like to push themselves to the limits. The idea would be to have access wherever they would be to ensure that they are reachable. It is a major advantage that satellite telephones have over the normal mobile phone.

As the name itself suggests satellite phones routes all telephone calls made and received through satellites and are not connected to the towers that we see around us. This ensures that eavesdropping on conversations which again is a bone of contention in the United States and some other countries could be easily avoided. Satellite telephones are very secure and hence could be strictly forbidden in some countries citing national security concerns.

Satellite networks are classified into two sections one is the geosynchronous and low earth orbit satellites with the former fixed on a single point above the Earth’s surface covering a wide geographical area. It would be about 20,000 miles up, which provides it a grand bird’s eye view of a great area, and with a few such geosynchronous satellites, the network provider would be able to give a coverage encompassing the completely wide world.

The latter would orbit the Earth at a much lower altitude, which would usually be between 400 to 700 miles, and unlike the geosynchronous satellite, these would move routinely mapping different parts of the Earth’s surface and enabling those with satellite telephones to communicate. This simple explanation for satellite phone how it works would give you a general layman’s idea as to what you would be really getting from the prevailing technology. Satellite phones would revolutionize communication in the future and that would come about when the relevant authorities are able to monitor them more closely unlike what it is today.

Final Thoughts

Though communication has been proliferated around the world most governments through their different agencies keep a strict watch on what is happening so that they are not caught unawares. Communication should be employed for the good of the world and its people but when it is used for illegal activities the relevant authorities are obliged to step in.