How to Remodel a Kitchen into Industrial Style

The kitchen is the most important part of your house. This is because it is the center of your day to day living. Your day starts in your kitchen with a cup of coffee and breakfast. It is the reason you deserve an environment that is not only serene but also aesthetically appealing.

In present times, the most popular interior style for the kitchen is industrial style (industrial bar stools are one of the key components of industrial style). For those who don’t know, the industrial interior style was developed in the 20th century. The key characteristics of this style include the use of stainless steel, wooden surfaces, filament bulbs, and exposed brick walls.

One of the reasons for having an industrial kitchen is that it is easy to maintain. The industrial style kitchen will bring an aesthetic appeal to your house. This offers the perfect blend of modern sleekness and old-world charm. Therefore, if you are wondering how to remodel your kitchen in an industrial style, then you are in the right place. Here you can find a few of the tips that will help you to bring industrial touch to your kitchen.

Neutral Colors

A key factor that you need to keep in mind is the color. The industrial environment has mostly neutral colors. That is why when you are remodeling your kitchen you should go with monochrome. You can use accessories to add a little color.

For creating the perfect industrial style kitchen, you must use black, white, and grey colors. These colors will go well with the metal and wooden surfaces and accessories.

Large Windows

One of the key characteristics of the industrial style kitchen is large steel windows. This will provide plenty of natural light to your kitchen along with an industrial feel. You can add retro windows made of steel. The industrial windows usually have many small panes. Since they are large, they let in plenty of light.

Open Plan

Industrial style interior is all about space. A great way to maintain industrial look is by adding open shelving. The best materials you can use for shelves is wood or metal.

If you do not like upper cabinets, you can have several shelves instead. This will provide a lot of functional space. You can easily store and reach your essential items. For adding a personal touch, you can showcase funky decoration pieces. You can even use wooden cabinets or screens to divide the space.

Brick Walls

In order to bring an industrial touch to your kitchen, you must have an exposed brick wall. Your focus must be on bare structures. That is why having unplastered walls is necessary. The red brick wall will bring a warmer touch to your space. It will create a welcoming atmosphere and will even bring a touch of color.

Wooden or Concrete Floor

In the industrial interior, it is crucial to have wooden floors. Many people get concrete looking floor or have a concrete floor. This goes well with the look of your space. If you don’t want to have concrete flooring, you can even go with wooden floors. This is ideal for this style of the kitchen as it provides a warm and unique look. Additionally, you can even consider linoleum. It is available in a broad range of colors and it is cost-efficient. You can even choose the style that will match to the décor of your kitchen.

Moreover, you can get heat mats installed under the concrete floor. This is to make it comfortable to walk on the floor.

Light It Up

Lighting is another crucial factor that you must consider when creating your industrial kitchen. It is much better to keep it simple and basic. You can have metal lights with simple shapes. The colors you can use include black, bare metal, clear glass, and white. For achieving the industrial look, it is good to have hanging warm-toned lights. You can go for an exposed light bulb on a wire to achieve the industrial style kitchen look. In addition, you can even use pipe lights or classic Edison bulbs in order to have the right environment.

When it comes to lighting, options are endless. You can choose any style you like. You must keep in mind that it should complement well with the kitchen design. It is recommended not to spend too much on the lights. You can go to yard sales or flea market to get vintage lights.


When it comes to adding a classy touch to your kitchen, you should choose a furniture with a dark tone. There are many things you can place in your kitchen including industrial bar stools, chairs, and table. An important thing to keep in mind is that your industrial kitchen table and industrial bar stool must not match. When you are looking for the bar stools, there are many stores offering quality kitchen furniture. For buying bar stools online or any other furniture, you can go for a wear and tear look as well. The furniture must include a combination of metal, eclectic fabric, or wood.


For making your kitchen appeal beautiful and fabulous, you can use vintage pieces. For instance, open storage spaces or overhead pot racks are an easy way to enhance the look of your kitchen. For completing the look of your kitchen, it is essential to have an industrial style faucet.


Overall, industrial style kitchen is an appealing and great way to enhance the look of your house. With the help of these tips, you can remodel your kitchen and have the best combination of old and modern sleekness. By adding vintage accessories and furniture, you can achieve the industrial kitchen look and add flair to your space.