Learn Everything about World No Tobacco Day

No Tobacco day was started in 1987 by the World Health Organization or WHO.  It was created to promote awareness of the dangers of tobacco and smoking. No Tobacco Day is a day in which for 24 hours you do not partake of any form of tobacco.

Every year 5.4million deaths are caused because of nicotine and tobacco addiction.

Besides of this horrifying fact, smoking influences our health, we get anxious, feel more stress. Quality of sleep becomes lower as the level of melatonin reduces. And melatonin supplement is the only rescue in such a case.


According to an Oxford study, in 2017/2018, smoking cost the NHS $5. 2 billion.  This is roughly 5. 5% of all the healthcare costs for that period of time!

These costs are comprised of consultations by GP’s, prescriptions, and treatments related to illnesses that are caused by smoking.

These cost factors do not even take into account missing work due to tobacco-related illnesses, or the effects of second-hand smoke.

For the year 2018/12, the NHS spent over $64million on prescriptions and pharmacotherapies to aid people in their desire to quit smoking.  These aid s include the patch, nicotine gums, inhalers, mints, etc.

A total of over $88million was spent by the NHS just on services to help people stop smoking. It’s easy to see that smoking and helping people to quit smoking is a huge and costly issue for the NHS!


Smoking-related diseases are causing a rise in hospital admissions among adults, with respiratory issues and cancers having the largest increases. For adults over the age of 35, 5% of all hospital admissions can be attributed to smoking!  This admission percentage is higher for men at 6% than for women at 5%.

For 2018  almost one fifth (1/5th) of deaths of those over 35 years of age was due to smoking.  A third of these were due to respiratory diseases, such as cancers of the lung, trachea, and larynx. Talking about cancers, 3 out of 10 deaths from cancers are smoking related! Men lead the number of deaths attributed to smoking over women, men are at 22%, while women at 14%.

Benefits of Quitting

Within 20 minutes of not smoking a cigarette, your body begins to benefit from this.

After just 8 hours the nicotine level is significantly lowered. As soon as 48 hours pass all the nicotine is gone. Detox takes place then. You can both taste and smell your food, things much better.

If you quit for over 3 months, your lung function increases by up to 10%.

The longer you stay off the ciggies, the better your health improves and can cut your risk for heart attacks in half.


If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, and the average cost is $6 a pack, that’s $183 a month.  What could or would you do with an extra almost 200 a month?

You’d save over $2, 000 a year.  That could make for a really nice holiday abroad.

In five (5) years you could save almost $11, 000!  You could be paying your mortgage off early with this money.

So start today on No Tobacco day, quit smoking, take that first step. All you will lose is bad health, bad breath, and a bad habit. You’ll gain more money in your purse, and a better, healthy life!