The Art of Spiritual Protection

Unfortunately, today we can get under the influence of negative energy almost everywhere. It is getting stronger and starts to attack us more often. Because of that dark energy, we feel depressed and confused. That’s why the desire to remove negative energies and protect us is completely normal. It is obvious, that spirituality is an integral part of our lives. It is important to know what method of spiritual protection is the most effective. In addition, you can also use such protective items, as amulets, crystals, special jewelry, etc. It is easy to find a lot of useful things here and choose something really special.

Use Special Crystals

Frankly speaking, we will advise you to use the crystals that keep away bad spirits. They can prevent you from being affected by negative energy and bad influences. However, it is hard to say exactly what crystal is the best. They all are really unique and individual. Each can be used only for a particular purpose. So, it is important to choose one, which will be the best for you and your spirit.

Use Some Protection Spells

The protection spells are some special exercises, which block different spiritual attacks. You can also use protection spells against negative energy. Some of them are really helpful. You should just find one, which will meet your needs.

But remember, if you have already decided to use these protection spells, you should take it seriously. It must become a kind of your routine. In such a case, you will get the desired result.

Psychic Protection

Nowadays we can often hear the term “psychic vampire”. Such a person weakens the energy of other people, sometimes without even realizing it. If you notice such symptoms like dizziness, headache, bad mood, someone from your surrounding can be a physic vampire.

How to protect yourself? First of all, you should limit your contacts with such people. If it is not so easy to do, try to imagine an invisible bubble around you. That will help you to block the negative influences from others and save your energy.

How to Know That Your Body and Spirit Are Unprotected?

Let’s consider several characteristics of unprotected people:

  •         easily become irritable and distracted
  •         don’t notice others and can often bump into someone
  •         lose easily their temper
  •         almost all the time they think over something, living in their own world
  •         their mood changes very quickly
  •         nightmares are their frequent guests


This article has helped you to realize the importance of spiritual protection. We can see that it includes using and practicing different things. But its main function is to protect your body, spirit and mind from negative energy.