The Most Remarkable Restaurant Design Trends of 2018

The intention to open a restaurant is a big decision. Not only the food and service of the restaurant do matter. The ambiance, setting, and design of the restaurant matter a lot. The ambiance, setting and design literally make a big impression on whether your customers will come back or not, will recommend this place to others or not. They will rate the ambiance of the restaurant and determine whether the restaurant is worth coming back to or not. You have to take into consideration, that the ambiance and setting of the restaurant must be appealing.

Like clothes or makeup, restaurant trends exist as well. These restaurant trends change every year. Here are a few trends of 2018, which every restaurant is rushing to follow and which you should follow as well if you are planning to open a restaurant:

  • Modern and Industrial Setting

Restaurants have also been leaning more towards the modern and industrial style of setting.  Industrial restaurant furniture and modern restaurant furniture give the restaurant a very sophisticated and warm look. Modern restaurant furniture does cost a lot, but it is a great long-term investment for the restaurant. Industrial restaurant furniture gives a restaurant a rustic look. However, whether you will choose modern or industrial style furniture, it all depends on whether it matches the setting and ambiance of the restaurant. Choosing good and comfortable furniture is a very important issue. However, not all the comfortable furniture is stylish. Thus, not all of them will give your restaurant a sophisticated look.

  • Vintage Style

Restaurants have also been leaning towards a vintage style of design. Choosing barstools and booths give a very 70’s-80’s look to the restaurant. People like the vintage style as well as enjoy it a lot. Booths can be a bit expensive but they reduce the number of chairs, which would need to be included. Moreover, booths can be custom made according to the look a restaurateur is going for. Barstools with a furnished wooden stall are also quite in style as a restaurant trend. All off colorfully painted walls with paintings of art and pictures of celebrities from the old times are also included in order to create the vintage style of the restaurant.

  • Less Is More

Many restaurateurs tend to flood their restaurants with chairs and tables to accommodate as many people as they can. While that is a very considerate and good move to make, many restaurants in 2018 are trying to follow the “less is more” motto. Keeping in mind the size of the restaurant and the type of style, restaurants are following a minimalist approach by just including a limited number of chairs and tables.

  • Greenery

People like to decorate a house with fake or real plans. Restaurants are not the exception. Restaurant owners have found a great solution to the boring walls – fill them with overflowing plants. Pots of plants and rows of flowers are being placed near the entryway with small koi ponds or ponds with just fish in them. You may even find some small constructed waterfalls in the restaurant flowing with plants. They give a great impression of the restaurant. This trend is quite easy to follow if there is a lot of space in the restaurant.

  • Instagram It

Another trend, which many restaurants follow with, is Instagram. Many restaurants are now Instagramming pictures of their restaurant and the food served in their restaurants. This is a great way to attract people to your restaurants as the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Of course, your Instagram needs to seem professional and quite neat and it should follow a theme. The theme should relate to a restaurant’s ambiance and setting, as well as should match it.

  • Lighting

Adequate lighting is very important for a restaurant. Restaurants are now following a restaurant trend by installing remote controlled lights. Remote controlled lights can easily set the mood.

  • Animal-Based Eateries

Many eateries and restaurants are also following the trend of basing their whole restaurant on a particular animal or fictional character. For example, in Japan, there is an eatery, based on dogs’ breeding called Huskies. Such animal-based eateries tend to attract animal lovers. Even if people do not eat the food of that restaurant, they are still charged for being in the restaurant to spend time with the animals by the hour, which is a great way to earn a lot of money.

  • Food Trend-Based Eateries

Many restaurateurs also base the theme of their restaurant on a particular food or food trend. Such restaurants specialize in one area of food only. However, they have a huge variety of different foods on the menu, which they can create with just one ingredient like Ramen noodles.

  • Communal Eating

The communal eating trend is also making a comeback in 2018. The basic idea of hopping on the communal eating trend is that restaurants are encouraging people to interact with other people. This trend tries to eradicate the use of cell phones for just a while and encourages people not to sit alone and just interact with strangers.

  • Open Kitchens

Open kitchens are also a great restaurant trend, which makes a comeback. Customers whole-heartedly enjoy watching how chefs cook and see what goes into creating their dish. It offers them entertainment when they wait for their food to come.


Now you know what the most remarkable restaurant trends of 2018 are. Follow these trends if you are going to open a restaurant soon.