The Safest Methods Of Medical Cannabis Consumption

Despite the negative effects of marijuana and the bad publicity it has been getting lately, there are still a lot of beneficial uses of the drug. Medical marijuana has proven to be quite useful in hospitals to ease the symptoms of many serious medical conditions all over the world. Scientific research over the years has proven that cannabis possessed special healing properties that traditional drugs and pharmaceuticals do not (you can buy weed in marijuana online dispensary or in some pharmacies). Moreover, the researches have proved that medical marijuana induces far fewer side effects that the traditional drugs. Those patients who suffer from cancer also use medicinal cannabis during their chemotherapy to alleviate the pain.

With all this information being brought to light, the hunt is on for the safest ways to consume marijuana. Many consumers are now looking for methods that will help them maximize the health benefits without inciting the dangers or side effects of consuming cannabis.

Smoking is the oldest and the most common form of medical marijuana use, especially in the form of joints and blunts. Unfortunately, smoking cannabis has been shown to release deadly toxins, which in turn lead to the negative side effects that give weed a bad name. Of course, vaporizers are becoming a much more popular option.

Below, you can familiarize yourself with the healthier cannabis consumption methods, which are sure to help you enjoy the benefits of your weed while reducing all the possible health risks. Keep in mind that as with every other drug, it is important not to overdose.


Vaporizing cannabis is quite similar to the traditional method of smoking it, but it appeals more to the health-conscious. This is because these handy devices allow the user to control the temperature at which they smoke, essentially cooking marijuana. The temperature control allows you to enjoy the beneficial components that are contained in weed, without releasing the toxins (something you wouldn’t be able to control if you had just burnt it). Vape reduces the smoke produced during the herb’s combustion by up to 95 percent, thereby protecting the lungs from irritation and possible respiratory disorders.

You can use these cheap devices to vaporize either concentrated cannabis wax, oil, or dry herbs. The waxes and oils are generally more potent than the herbs, though may leave some residual impurities if not properly vaporized. As an added bonus, vaping eliminates any smoking habits that may arise from smoking marijuana.


If you’re looking for the medical use of marijuana, a great alternative to either smoking or vaping is to consume the cannabis in food. For people who suffer from chronic pain, eating marijuana-infused food can provide longer lasting relief than vaping, making this a great option for cancer patients.

Most people bake their weed in cookie dough and eat the marijuana-infused cookies when they are done. For people who are more health-conscious, you could suggest trying buying marijuana-infused granola mixes – either from your nearest pharmacy or marijuana online dispensary. Bake some healthy granola bars, or sprinkle them in your yoghurt or salad. Since medical marijuana is fast becoming legal, you have more options to choose from.

If you are adventurous, you can try taking one of your favourite recipes and just add cannabis as the main ingredient. That way shows you what you’re getting, thus, you can more easily control your marijuana intake.


Marijuana-laced tea is just the best for those who have had a bad day, and simply want to sit at home, relax and have a drink without the negative effects of smoking weed. The methods of extracting the weed into tea can be complicated, so it is advised to take some marijuana-infused butter and melt it into your cup or tea, or even coffee. You could also just steep the cannabis herbs in hot water like you would do for ordinary tea leaves (that is, if you want the health benefits without actually feeling the effects).


To cater to the needs of the more health-conscious cannabis consumers, juicing your marijuana herbs will provide you with a new cannabis experience. When you juice the herbs, you will be able to enjoy the marijuana and its benefits without the undesirable effects. Also, you won’t be bothered by the smoke that comes with vaping or smoking a blunt. All you have to do is to put some cannabis herbs in a blender with some of your favourite fruits or vegetables and blend them up into a nice, cool, healthy, tasty, juice.


Topicals refer to marijuana-infused creams or balms that are used mainly for pain relief and skin care. Unlike the other methods mentioned, these creams have a zero percent chance of producing a feeling of highness in the users. The nutrients in the cannabis are absorbed directly into the skins of the users, allowing them to experience their healing properties with no threat to their lungs and minds, and no fear of overdose. The compounds in cannabis have been shown to affect the two receptors in the hair follicles, sweat glands, and nerve fibres. Therefore, the topicals have direct access to the body, with absolutely no negative effects.


This involves the extraction of marijuana’s viable nutrients using alcohol and cannabis plants (like flowers and leaves). This extracted liquid is called a tincture. The tincture is consumed orally, usually through drops of the liquid placed under the tongue. This way, it is absorbed into the bloodstream quite rapidly, leading to speedy results. The tinctures can also be taken through teas and other drinks, or even diluted with water or juice. Be warned that this will greatly slow down the absorption and effects.


In fact, there are many methods of consuming medical cannabis. However, not all of them are safe for your heath. In this article are gathered the safest methods of consuming medical cannabis, which have a minimal or even no effect on your health.