What Does Water Drop Emoji Symbol Mean?

Water Drops emoji symbol looks like splash emoji. However, water emoji meaning is different. Most of people think that water emoji symbolizes water. It is not the case. It does not only mean water. This symbol also means swear, a state of discomfort or unease. It is also used to express the state of confusion when a person does not understand what exactly is going on. Its meanings are different and can be used to express water, excitement, swear, tear or even a leaking roof. Users often use this symbol to express their sadness or negative mood (combine this emoji with the other symbols). This symbol can also be used in the context of various types of liquids.

When Was the Symbol Approved?

The droplet symbol was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010. In 2015, it was added to Emoji 1.0. Firstly this emoji appeared in OSX / iOS after the iOS 5 update.

Why Does Water Drop Look Different on Different Devices?

It depends on the platform, corporate style, and vision. Evert operating system, as well as device, uses its own designs of symbols. As, for example, the water drop emoji symbol looks different on different platforms (Google, Apple, Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

How can This Symbol Be Used?

It is a widely spread and frequently used symbol. You can use it on tablets, desktops, and smartphones. The only thing your device should support this emoji to be able to use it. As well as the other symbols, this one id differently depiction different devices. It depends on the operation system of your device, design, vision, and style of the platform (Chrome, Opera, Facebook, Apple, Messenger use different designs of this symbol).

What Are the Other meaning of Water Drop?

Therefore, you may probably think you know everything about this symbol and its meanings. Have you ever thought this symbol has the other meanings you didn’t know about? What are the synonyms of this symbol?

1)      Water Drop Emoji = drop

2)      Water Drop Emoji = tear

3)      Water Drop Emoji = water

4)      Water Drop Emoji = droplet

5)      Water Drop Emoji = liquid

6)      Water Drop Emoji = teardrop

7)      Water Drop Emoji = drip

8)      Water Drop Emoji = sky

9)      Water Drop Emoji = rain

10)   Water Drop Emoji = swear

11)   Water Drop Emoji = sadness

So, you can see this symbol has many meanings and depending on what context be used it has different meanings. If you want to add more emotions to your message, then add this symbol. However, remember, that it is not only a blue drop but also a drop with multiple meanings. Use your imagination and combine this symbol with the other ones to express your idea in a more interesting way.